When not writing books for a living, I tend to write code. So far, I’ve been involved in software development for the finance industry, consulting firms, insurance companies, defense contractors, research departments, start-ups, major software vendors, the HR and recruitment industries, universities, training organizations, image processing firms, and publishers.

I’ve conducted research into network science, AI, digital physics, complex systems, cluster analysis, sociology, organizational psychology, and evolutionary biology. I’ve used Javascript, C++, Prolog, Lisp, Python, Objective C, Visual Basic (not recommended), and Java. Of these, I still like Java best.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, my resume looks like a bomb went of in a recruiter’s office and someone went nuts with the sticky tape trying to patch scraps of paper back together. The people who hire me tend to be looking for technical innovation and big-picture thinking, or just someone who can cut code and also talk to all parts of their business.